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Gold Threads in Nature

GOLD THREADS IN NATURE has been created  by using the wet felting technique.  Layers of natural bamboo, silk, soy and wool dyed by hand, with textures of gold  threads have been combined to express shapes with their rich earth tones found around my plants during the very hot days in Summer.  It has been “golden” hot!  Everything seems to be fragile and growing slowly…needing more water, the gold ingredient to survive as I am repeating the ritual of watering daily, morning and night.

While creating this piece, the fiber is subjected to moisture, heat, soap and pressure moving each element together as if I was creating a new dance symbolizing the ritual of  bringing life to the most delicate forms in nature. To finish this piece after many hours of work and fun…I rinsed in cold water until every trace of soap was gone!

Final work is then streched over a canvas adding to the surface some layers of paint, ink, organza textile, metal wires and other materials. I had fun playing with nature! Size is approx. 20in x 20″inches

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