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A Dance in Nature

A DANCE IN NATURE –  This piece was created with red clay and fired in Oxidation.  I used thin slabs of clay  and  created the designs with a variety of tools while the clay was leather  hard. Later,  differents pieces are assembled together to create the final form. There was no mold involved in the process for this bowl.

I usually use coils of clay to support the walls while the form is drying very slowly.  If pushing the drying session, it will crack or will curve the wrong way risking to lose the work.  Once  the piece is completed, it is placed in a plastic bag for usually over 7 days depending of the size and the thickness of the work.

Later, I like going back to add elements and to carve some more designs to the surface.  You have to be very  cautious so it does not dry too fast once it is out of the bag. When the work is completely dry, after 12-14 days, I do more work to it adding other elements then it is fired in my kiln to get a “bisque” piece. Then,  it is sanded nicely,  glazed and decorated with ceramic products that I usually mix or blend myself (my own recipes).   The piece is usually fired a few more times  in the kiln to get different effects until I am very pleased with them. Hope you enjoyed to learn a little about this process!

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