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Summer Time.  I took this picture while hiking at Ellison park around Okanagan lake.  A great inspiration for me!

The month of JULY went wonderfully fast but everything about it was AWESOME!

My days have been filled with a variety of things that were really enjoyable and fulfilling.  Why?  Well I have to say that   I live and love what I do and I am embracing everything about it!  I think that life taught me to step back a little and not take everything so seriously! After teaching for many years in a high school  it is a great change to be working full-time as an artist even though it seems that I always managed to maintain some  studio time amongst many other things at the same time such as my profession as an art educator and raising my 2 children now gone and independent adults.

The livin’ is COLORFUL!   I am still  very busy working on new projects in my studio including new designs for my clay work and some for my jewelry line and it is going pretty well.  I also decided a while ago to  showcase my artwork at outdoors markets in Kelowna and Vernon and possibly later  in Penticton.  This is very different for me as I never did  any market to that extent in the past.  For  many years my work has been placed in different gallery shops and boutiques which is a different way to exhibit your work. You don’t really meet your customers but you have somebody managing the marketing and the sale of your work.  I continue to display my artworks in galleries but I also  realize about the importance of doing the markets and participating in that type of event as people  enjoy to go there with family and friends.  It is a neat form of social interaction in today’s world!   Markets are not just for fresh produce but also an occasion to sell handmade work and so on.   Here they are important to people  and that’s the way they do things!

All in all my weeks have been  pretty  hectic  as I  continue to run between 3 markets a week, do a special gallery display each time as I want it to be inviting and cosy for people coming to see the work.  My partner Glenn is also showing his wood work so we are encouraging each other during that time.  You can see his work on his blog “gswoodever.blogspot.ca” and you are welcome to write some comments if you wish.    If you have a chance come to see us as it is always neat to meet interesting people coming from all over the world as here in the valley it is now a very touristic time of the year and everybody loves going to the markets and meeting artists! And the Okanagan  valley is a great place to combine good food, great wine, amazing arts and cultures and beautiful nature with sunny days!

A new month is here and the production work is going well and people are responding positively to my new designs so it is very encouraging!   Some pieces are going to different parts of the world as I am always interested to know where they are going to end up once they are sold and I always asked them!  As August is starting I will be trying to show you some of my new work freshly fired in my kiln as it happens.  Summer is not over.  Remember…LOVE what you do….BE INSPIRED and TRUST your creativity!

Sweet, Sweet SUMMER time!

Brighten your days with what ever you want and like!

Helene Tremblay

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