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Hi everyone! I'm Hélène, an artist inspired by the sensuality in nature in which flora and fauna are often messengers of nature's teachings. Welcome to my Studio Voiladesign perched in the mountains surrounded by gorgeous lake and valley views. It is a place where design evokes inspiration bringing color and texture, movement and transformation to all forms of art! I invite you to browse through the gallery images. They are a merging of my creative passion in contemporary art. There, I hope you learn a little more about me and maybe it is a place to get inspired and discover more about how artistic expression can be shown in various ways, through the inventive use of materials, creative processes and techniques of design. I also welcome you to check my latest projects posted daily on instagram.com/helenetremblayart. It's a great place to learn how my mixed media paintings and prints are created. Follow me! I would love to hear from you.XOX Hélène

Each piece of art is original.

Each medium has a rhythm of its own.

Each one is a creative statement.


Finding a deep connection to earth, fire, life and romance, I want each sculptural form to be an expression, representing visual poetry that is both uplifting and heartfelt! These are creations meant to be worn.

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Intricate details in nature, rhythm and water, subtlety of color and pattern of land, renewal and growth and the ever-changing seasons with its cycles of life. My prints are original, created and printed by hand with limited impressions.

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What intrigues and captures my imagination are those small moments, places and events in life that we tend to overlook. Seriousness and humor, lyrical phrases, often involving whimsical forms and animals perched in odd places.

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Painting using mixed media is how I like to work best. Working with layers and sculptural elements through exploration and creativity with media. The usage of multiple materials to create a single form, fascinates me!

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Fiber Art

Capturing the essence of movement and nature! My work takes a playful approach to natural resources. It’s as if you were dancing with nature while manipulating light and colors with textures and forms!

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I am happy to share with you the work of Glenn Szabo who loves to express his affinity for nature through woodworking. He has developed an approach to look at wood with an artistic perspective.

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I know that I can count on her professionalism and expertise and I will definitively get her help again for my next home.

A. McPherson

Hélène was so inspiring and gave us the confidence to succeed. She took us room-by-room giving great suggestions to make our home so much more inviting!

S. Pryor

I am positive that the success that we had in selling our home was due largely to her fabulous ability to stage our home and make it more appealing to a wider variety of people.

H. Swartz