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Don’t go in the water!

In good company!

A Journey at the Lake

Lately I was at the lake enjoying a nice walk along the beach. I booked also for a cruise on Okanagan lake for a beautiful evening  with music, good company and to enjoy contemplating the surroundings while celebrating Alex’s birthday!

Not too cold for this curious duck!

Not too cold for this curious duck!

As we are already starting September it is easy to think about  Autumn as lately the temperature seems to change rapidly, the mornings are fresh and  the colors of the trees are getting ready to  show some signs of a new season.

Now not so many people are brave to jump in the lake and to have a good refreshing swim before continuing their day!  As I was taking pictures around me I knew that one of  those birds in the water was going to end up in the design of my work! Hope that you too are having a great time during Fall. Enjoy!

"Should I jump or should I stay"Don’t forget to check my website  as I will be posting new work on a regular basis!

“Should I Jump or Should I Stay” is this little pendant created for a necklace.

Can you guess where I got my inspiration?  Well, it all started at the lake and having fun celebrating my daughter’s birthday.  Our day together  was fun and fulfilling  and just like this cute little duck…we had the chance to put our toes in the water before heading back home!



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