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Home Staging

Voiladesign & Home Staging Consulting is a great place to find the best recommendations to help you prepare your home before selling it. In a competitive market, a staged home will appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers who tend to be selecting homes based on curb appeal and their first impression. Your Real Estate agent may have expressed the importance of properly preparing and staging your house for photos and showings leading up to a sale.

Benefit of Home Staging

First impressions really count! A home that is well staged, updated and refreshed is a proven way to help your home stands out from your competition and sell faster and for more value.  Why?  Buyers will preview your home online through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and ultimately will want to make an appointment to view it.  More than often, their first impression is formed the moment that they drive by your property and during the first seconds they walk through your front door.


Getting Help

Are you unsure of how to prepare your home to be listed on the real estate market or where to start? As your home staging expert, Hélène provides you with her best recommendations and suggestions during your consultation with her. With her friendly and genuine personality, Hélène makes you feel comfortable and at ease while you survey your home together, and assess what best fits your needs and your budget.

With Hélène’s artistic talent and her creative solutions, you will find your home to stand out from the others on the market and to look  its best before your Realtor shows it to any potential buyers. For your convenience her consultations are offered in English or French.

Design on a Budget

Hélène believes that staging your home does not mean that you have to spend money on new furniture and accessories. She will help you see how we can highlight the best features of your home. Tell us what amount of time you want to devote in getting your home ready and Hélène will take all your needs into consideration!

First Consultation

The first consultation takes approximately 2-3 hours. Step-by-step Hélène helps you plan how to make your home look bigger, brighter, and more desirable for potential buyers! While touring your home with you, she works with you and gives you effective suggestions and her best tips on everything that it takes to make your living space looks more organized, refreshed and spacious.

A detailed report will be completed and reviewed with you. Attention to details will be made on specific requirements needed to improve your home such as some repairs to do or color changes. Together we will make sure that your home will look very attractive inside and out with an appealing atmosphere for the future homeowners.

Future Consultations

Following your initial consultation Hélène is available for follow-up sessions for organizing your personal belongings and keepsakes that might need to be carefully boxed up and ready for your future home. De-cluttering your living space is an important aspect for making your home appealing to prospective buyers. Moving or rearranging furniture and eliminating visual distractions might be essential to make a room more spacious.

Personal Shopping

Through your Personal Shopping Consultation, Hélène will help you choose the right accents and accessories, such as linens, duvets, throw pillows and artwork. Color consultation is also available with her assistance for the entire décor of your home and for any accessories needed to complete the look or feel you want of your rooms.

The Home Staging consulting services that I offer to my clients are meant to help you see how you can create a home that is visually appealing, beautiful and welcoming to prospective buyers. A home where they can find the “Wow” factor when they look at it!  What you really want is that people remember your home as the one they would love to live in.


I met Hélène during an art show and we had a really good time talking about her work and learning more about her beautiful ceramic pieces. I found so much inspiration in her work and fell in love with all her little cups. I ended up getting one for myself and for each of my friends for their birthday! Thanks from all of us!

L. Washington

A big thank you to our stager Hélène for all the great help that she gave us from the minute she entered our living room. She knew how to create a welcoming home, more bright and attractive! We were very pleased about her recommendations and our friends are already using her services to prepare their home.

M. Oliver

I would like to thank Hélène Tremblay from VoilaDesign for being a true inspiration! I am positive that the success that we had in selling our home was due largely to her fabulous ability to stage our home and make it more appealing to a wider variety of people. The suggestions she made were inexpensive and used the furnishings we had already. The homey feel our house had after we did her recommendations were something that we have taken with us to our new home and tried to incorporate. I feel fortunate that we were able to meet Hélène, and her friendly yet professional ways will, I’m sure, appeal to other people as well.

H. Swartz

My husband and I have been fixing our home for the past few years, getting it ready to be sold but we didn’t know how to present it for a great first impression. Hélène was so inspiring and gave us the confidence to succeed. She took us room-by-room giving great suggestions to make our home so much more inviting! Removing some furniture and adding a few colorful accessories to make our home more appealing made a big difference. We fell in love with our home again and decided not to sell for a while to enjoy it until Summer!

S. Pryor

I met Hélène from Voiladesign through clients and used her staging services for our home. We were so impressed by her ability to make each room look spacious and welcoming. I know that I can count on her professionalism and expertise and I will definitively get her help again for my next home. Thanks so much Hélène!

A. McPherson