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Fleur d’Oiseau; Learning to Fly


My working space is surrounded by vines hanging from the lattice wall and ceiling. It’s a little oasis!

This painting is done with oil paint and cold wax – beeswax, pigment, found objects.                   Size 30 in x 24 in.

My inspiration: Learning to Fly with the wonders in mother nature!

Painting outdoors allows me to use oil paint more freely as I find the odor of oil pretty strong. The temperature here lately has been around 36- 40 C and although this is pretty hot to work outside, it seems to be perfect when working with this medium. My surroundings are inspiring and from my studio the view of 2 lakes (Kalamalka and Okanagan lakes), the city and the vegetation  around our water pond are awesome! I am feeling at peace.  Thanks to nature!

I never get tired of the birds doing their dances. It’s so energizing! We have a beautiful red robin that built a nest through the vines growing a few feet away from my work and for the past little while mother bird has been showing  her little ones how to fly in this natural and peaceful place. The great thing is that I feel accepted around her while am working on my painting and  am really enjoying this experience!  I feel blessed when I’m looking at all the amazing wonders in mother nature!

This is where I love painting with nature.

This is where I love painting with nature.


My little baby robin. So precious!

Fleur D’Oiseau; Learning to Fly honours this red robin with her little ones with fluffy bellies that are learning to leave the nest and trying to fly on the way down.  I am captivated by their behavior so intricate and fascinating.   The trust that they had in me and the joy that they brought me are a really good feeling!

Fleur D’Oiseau; Learning to Fly expresses the metamorphosis of a flower into becoming the wings of a bird trying to fly for the first time. The shapes relate to the wild flowers growing around the water with some of the natural elements and  symbolize life, freedom, energy and courage through the form of a bird.  Some of those wings are for us when at times we wish we would have a few to attain some of our dreams, the ones that give us hope, courage and happiness maybe!

The song  from Tom Petty – Learning to Fly is also part of this incredible journey! 


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