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A little something for everyone!

My Summer hat at Kalamalka lake.

My Summer hat at Kalamalka lake.

Spring, Summer, Fall….all beautiful seasons.  But is  Winter here?Was I too busy lately preparing for a few shows,  meeting new clients and staging  homes that I did not see it coming? Well…  time is really  flying.  Last night I could see  some snow flakes falling down  and gently going through my fingers as I was cutting  my hydrangea flowers to decorate the interior of our livingroom. As I decided to look towards the sky….it started to disappear.  It was just a moment in time! This morning, the ground was covered by a white carpet.  I like to believe that Autumn ambiance is here to stay for a while!  It is one of my favorite times of the year…only I wish it lasted longer.  The temperature is never too cold or too hot!

Rose buds.

Rose buds.

Just completed this little pillow with paint and fun!

Just completed this little pillow with paint and fun!

As the days are getting shorter and darker, it seems that we have more tasks to accomplish in a day before going to bed! Nature is changing and so is the wildlife around here.  I woke up lately  with this view from my window.  I think this cute little guy was also just waking up and appreciating the comfort of the long grass after eating the last pear in our tree and I should say part of our cedars along the house! Hum! Is he also getting ready for Winter?

Just waking up!

Just waking up!

With the changing seasons I love  using many things that I find in nature to decorate our home. I enjoy creating beautiful long-lasting displays of foliage with branches that I find on my walks and put them in big vases on my entryway. This is such a great way to welcome friends and family.  A Fall wreath with berries and bright colors is usually hanging on our door making sure that it looks inviting for everyone coming in.   I believe that a home should be warm and inviting all year long, inside and out and welcoming!  Some Hydrangea flowers are also very nice during Summer and Fall as the color change wonderfully.  I usually cut them and let them dry slowly in a vase or on top of a basket to decorate a room!

Hydrangea fowers are so beautiful and romantic.  They grace our home entrance.

Hydrangea flowers are so beautiful and romantic. They grace our home entrance.

Often, the Fall theme for the interior of  our home  is found in many different corners of rooms.  I use accent pillows, warm throws, candles with cinnamon and spicy aromas, dishes and all kind of accessories that bring in the warm Autumn colors to show our love for life! Let’s not forget about the crock pot which makes our days even better! I enjoy looking at recipes and  finding the perfect one  for the busy week coming and particularly when the kids are coming!

Making a special treat for dessert!

Making a special treat for dessert!

Lately, Blueberries  have been  a wonderful antioxidant super fruit added to the preparation of my desserts.  So delicious! I always make sure to make enough for the week.

I hope you take some times to create or cook something special for yourself and your family.  This is such a nice way to tell them that we care and love them!  Bon appétit!

From my Studio to You.   

Recently, I saw from my patio an amazing sunset with a rainbow while I was completing a painting. The last one of the year maybe!  The movements of the silhouettes of the trees with the shapes of the clouds were like a dance in the sky.Storm, rainbow, clouds, sun, big sky, drops of rain and wing.  All dancing together.  So powerful!

Storm, rainbow, clouds, sun, big sky, drops of rain and wing. All dancing together. So powerful!

During that time….the birds were quiet and I couldn’t hear the wind but it was powerful! It was another beautiful Fall day and a reminder about the season changing very fast!  As I was finishing my painting and putting it aside I realized that I should never forget to  take a few minutes away from my work to enjoy looking at the nature around me and its amazing transformation!  Fall is beautiful and romantic, don’t you think?

New painting/mixed media  inspired by the storm and the wind

New painting/mixed media inspired by the storm and the wind


 Finding peace and  feeling fulfilled

My studio is a very busy place and most of the time I have many projects happening at the same time and in different corners. One minute I am loading my kiln  and timing the firing, glazing  clay pieces and creating new forms. Other times, I am working on a piece of jewelry  with sterling silver and meaningful gemstones  often found during my travels.

I want to create something unique, a one-of-a kind piece that any woman would like to wear….something that speaks to her! I want to say that life is romantic and fun but also fragile!  Let’s enjoy it to the fullest could be my signature!


DSCN5589 - Version 2Some hours are totally devoted to  a new design for a specific customer who is looking for that “very special” gift for a loved one.  I love telling stories through my designs and often people relates  to them.  Completing a piece takes hours or days.  I have a lot of deadlines and this may add to the stress  but I have learned to cope with this.  Aren’t we all?


Some days are spent trying to save  a clay sculpture that broke and needs some repairs before the clay is too dry and cracking in pieces. Sometimes it works  but   I have also lost many good works over the years.  I have learned to accept and to keep going. Should I mention my passion with photography….so fulfilling and all the hours put in my printmaking and into my  darkroom working on  silkscreen work that will be part  of a design  for my art pillows and my mixed media work.  All handmade with  original drawings, some are shipped to  home decor stores or galleries out of  province.  I am loving it!

Each day is different and every project has its particularities and challenges.  Each medium  has a rhythm of its own.

So between the days that  are spent working in my studio, creating new designs, helping clients and redesigning rooms for people as part of my home staging business www.voiladesign.ca I always try to find time to remind myself on how grateful I am to be able to have a work  that I truly love and to know that many of you out there are appreciating and encouraging me in so many ways!  You are my favorite!

Thank you for stopping by and to take time to follow me on my blog and also on Facebook DSCN7261






Step outside, explore, enjoy, live inspired!  

See you soon.     Aurevoir!


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