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Did I hear you say that Spring is gone?

Winter.Great day at Sparkling Hill resort!


I found those cute little guys during our walk.

Ah! I Didn’t Forget You.

Winter is gone and Spring has sprung.  Now Summer seems to be starting as the days are getting warmer and longer. It has been around 29 degree C   all week in the Okanagan valley and everything is so bright and green.   I am enjoying myself just keeping up with my studio and with the outdoor work.  I am making sure that doors and windows are staying wide opened  even at night just to get the fresh air coming through the house but most importantly to hear every single bird while I am inside. The great thing is that  I saw a big and colourful butterfly flying around and then resting on my flowers!   It seems like Summer is here but is it already a new season? Looking back, I can really say that  Winter has been good and a very productive time!

Well, all that said, I have been really busy during the last few months and I didn’t settle for letting the days go by. I kept my head in creativity!
Morning walk at Sparkling Hill resort in VernonI found myself doing some major renovations in and around my studio space.  Now, we have more space as we added a little section to our art gallery that will serve to hang bigger paintings.  There is more space to make a mess as one would wish when creating  so I’m happy! When time comes for a clean up then you always find neat things to  be used in  art.  The transformation with the studio gives me more rooms to breath   so I can  stretch myself while exploring and trying new techniques.


Preparing my bee wax solution before it is used in my paintings

While organizing my environment, I  also started to challenge myself with oil painting and cold wax and to learn from very talented artists such as Judy Wise and Rebecca Crowell. How inspiring it has been for me!

So in the next few weeks and  months, I will continue to devote myself to the exploration with mixed DSCN8376media painting.  I am having lots of fun and hope to be able to share my new adventures with you in my next postings!  Make sure that you keep checking my  website www.voiladesign.ca  to see what’s new about my work of art!

Oh! before I forget, check out also this new page…  www.voiladesign.ca/staging   as you will  be able to discover more about my business  Hélène’s Voiladesign and Home Staging Consulting and to follow me with my  staging projects.  An other passion of mine!  My life partner Glenn is  working  at Century 21 Executives Realty Ltd. as a Realtor  in Vernon. He is offering my services to his listing clients.

For a long time, we both have been really interested in Real Estate and over the years we have been renovating, redesigning and selling properties.  This is an other great way to help people!   After many years as educators,  we both have enjoyed working  with high school students,  parents and school administrators and we are not afraid to put the time into our work !  So not surprising that today I continue to enjoy helping people through my new business so homeowners can show their home to the best it can be.  It is great also to know that I can  help them  feel good about their home before putting it on the market.   One of my goals is to be a facilitator bringing encouragement!

The year will be a full one as there will be lots of our time  put into this as a commitment and hard work!    If you are interested to learn more about my services just let me know and if you are interested in beautiful properties  in the Okanagan  check  Glenn’s website www.century21.ca/glenn.szabo and he will be more than happy to help you  with any of your Real Estate questions.

DSC03875_2 2 - Version 2

Aurevoir!…Bye  for now and don’t forget that if you need help to prepare your home before putting it on the market, think about Hélène’s Voiladesign.ca/staging

Before I’m letting you go, I would like to wish you a wonderful sunny and creative month of May!  I am  discovering  that Winter was not so bad as it brought me so much joy.  I got to know more about myself, my dreams and the things that make me happy and about the importance of sharing the good things in life with others and the one that we cherish!


Our lovely Chilie

Every new season seems to bring a new energy to our life and a desire to challenge ourself even more maybe because we are spending so much time inside during Winter.The light is not so bright as the days are shorter and the sun is lower.  It seems that we  look at things  with different eyes as we are preparing our home to be ready for the cold days.  Many of us are searching for different ways to stay warmer, comfortable, happy and fulfilled!  Spending more time reading  a good book and cuddling with our cat might do it or simply watching a good movie and spending time with friends or family while preparing a good meal and having a great time laughing together  while… the snow is falling on the ground.  Yes, that is what Winter does.

  A new season is always so refreshing and so inspiring!


Spring….from the top of the hill where we live. View of 3 lakes. Here we can only see Swan lake and just a little higher would be Okanagan lake to the right and Kalamalka lake to the left


Happy Spring  and a Great Summer to you and to the one you love!  Enjoy the journey and the rest of May.  Take time for yourself.


Helene Tremblay

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