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Hi everybody and welcome to my blog!

A beautiful surprise this morning.

Hello!  I am so happy that you found me on my blog and that hopefully you will be enjoying to learn a little about me as a mixed media artist, an art education teacher and a home staging consultant.  In this blog I enjoy sharing a few things about my creative process, my inspirations and ideas.  You will probably discover how passionate I am when working in my studio and getting things ready for a project.  I have a website that is all about my work of art   www.voiladesign.ca and in there you will  be able to find more about my creations and some art pieces that you can purchase. Also on  www.voiladesign.ca/staging  you will learn more  about my  business in Home Staging as a consultant.

I encourage you to contact me with any questions that you might have about my art and my home staging consulting services.  Also,  I invite you to participate to this blog to give me some suggestions or comments and ideas so I can  learn a little about you! Hope you enjoy!  Be inspired and see you soon!   Hélène

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