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Mornings are great!

My way to connect to the world and to say good morning!

My way to connect to the world and to say good morning!


Early in the morning I love walking on the terrace and in the garden just looking around and   listening to the sound that nature brings to us. The light seems to be just perfect, the breeze from the sea is refreshing, the colours are subtle and many things around me seem to be an inspiration.

Early morning in my garden.

Early morning in the garden.

I know that a few natural elements will be part of my artwork in one way or an other, maybe in my next painting,  my clay designs or in my fibre art. Anything here is a source of ideas even the petals of Bougainvillea flowers.

DSCN2625 - Version 5

Petals of Bougainvillea flowers found their way in my art.

Mornings are the perfect time to submerge myself in the natural world paying attention to the things and sound happening around me. Birds are doing their singing  while I am   doing some photography. I like  looking at the delicate details and textures  found in vegetation, trees, rocs, earth, water and species. It is for me a form of meditation that brings a huge benefit to my happiness.  I find this to be energizing and preparing me for the day.   It quiets my mind and helps me reach a higher level of awareness and inner calm. I feel blessed by the beauty that surrounds me. DSCN0947


Through my art, I am hoping that you can find inspiration and happiness.

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