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Bird nesting

BIRD NESTING – Natural fibre, merino wool, bamboo, soy, cashmere (goat) , silk and more…were used to create this wall art. I used natural wool as a base spreading it on a net and sprayed water to keep it down right at the beginning of the felting process.   Soap is incorporated in hot water and lots of pressure are used to felt the work using hands and some pieces of under carpet materials to keep the main piece together as a whole, rolling back and forth.  It takes a lot of times, hours and patience to get this image….by adding pieces of delicate fibers, hot and cold water towards the end.

The process of wet felting is really interesting but you have to put alot of energies…it’s really physical!  I usually create my pieces during the Summer time in my outdoor studio so I can spread water all around me if I want and just go for it…working over a bed sheet on the ground.  It gives me more flexibilities!  I will try to put more pictures about the process in the near future.

This piece  measures approx. 4ft long x 20″ and usually is streched over a canvas that is also stretched on wood to create a wall art.

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