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IN THE WORKS – Summer 2015

To all of you creative friends here is a little about my journey!

I included 6 pictures  to view!  This work is a mixed media painting with coldwax/beeswax, oil paint, pigment, found objects.

The beginning of September – As the days of work are passing and this painting is progressing I am trying to figure out something related to the shapes of my tree (left side of this painting).  It’s a beautiful and healthy young pine tree that my neighbour was starting to cut away from his garden as he didn’t like the shape of it. I offered him to take it before it was too late so I could plant it  around my studio and give it a chance.  I am a tree lover! While working on this painting, I thought it would be neat to make it part of the composition but it didn’t work out for a reason or an other.   Fine!   I  scraped the shape from the surface and started over and no tree will be there.  I decided  instead to add more depth by creating the shape of a lotus.  They grow in my water pond and this year has been fantastic for our water plants as the conditions seem to be perfect for them to grow!  To me they represent enlightenment, sensuality, self-awareness and are meaningful with their spiritual significance. I love wearing one around my neck as part of a pendant.  So here it is…a lotus rising and blooming under the moon early in the morning.

My creative journey continues – We are in the mid of September and my painting is starting to feel ok but not complete. I’m working on the bottom part particularly where the horizontal lines are to represent the feel and the movement of a water fall but in an abstract way.  That part represents also the under water, the unknown and some of the forms of life submerging through the bottom.  A fish will appear at one point but am not too sure how and where!  I am still working on a few more elements related to aquatic plants and more layers of textures to create depth!

It’s a fulfilling time – It’s a work in progress and am not too sure where it is bringing me but it’s a fulfilling journey!  I have been changing my bird so many times  with different shapes, colors, lines and wings!!!   It’s fun but also a little frustrating as my wax is not cooperating.   Sometimes the best is to put it aside for a day or so and usually when am back to it….ideas are flourishing! Go have a coffee, a tea, a glass of red wine, sleep on it…or go for a walk…it will come!  Super!  See you soon….it’s almost finished or should it be? Well the month of October is approaching so it will probably be completed in the next few days!

Oh! Oh! It’s October already – Ah!  It’s a new month freshly starting and a red fish is now part of the dance!  I love you little fish… and I am fascinated by the way you jump in the water and by the beautiful lines that you create as you dance in circle up and down!   The leaves around the water garden are starting to change and am really enjoying the beginning of Fall! My goal is to finish this painting before the trees are really changing colours!  A few more days and… c’est fini!

A celebration  for Lennon – Oct. 9  2015!  Today I completed my painting during a very special day….John Lennon’s Birthday.  Always an inspiration!  I like to keep a picture of Lennon on my studio wall as  I always wonder what he would tell us today and how he would say it! I am sure that it would be incredible!


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