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The day we met

THE DAY WE MET –  Mixed media painting on canvas. Acrylic paint, ink, oil bars, charcoal, gesso, textile and my own photographs. This is part of a very special morning while travelling in Indonesia. I will never forget meeting this incredible creature relaxing on the steps of a palace. A beautiful and spiritual space where we both felt that we were …”just looking for that once in a blue moon, everyday kind of love.”~j. iron word

Beautiful dog…you were such a great inspiration for me to create this painting.  I thank you very much!

I love also the following quote found on bravegirlsclub as it seems to belong so well to the theme of my painting.

“Everything changed the day she packed up

all of the beliefs that no longer served her

and made a choice to let those things

go and pack light for the rest of her life.” 

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