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Chasing the light

CHASING THE LIGHT  –  Mixed media painting with acrylic paint, ink, graphite, charcoal, collage, encaustic (Beeswax).  20″x16″

Chasing the clouds and the light and your dreams…never stop to listen to your heart and your soul and everything that makes you alive! A dream is never too big!


When I found the following poem “I dare you…”(sorry if there is no credit as I found it in my studio notes) I decided to make it a part of this work.  It really speaks to my soul and now am sharing it through my art.  It’s here that in our vulnerability and openness that we step into our greatest selves.  XOX Hélène




to be what you want to be

to let the art in your heart out

to let the song of your soul play

loud to be alive

to never settle

to find what you’re looking for

to chase the clouds and the light and your dreams




to come alive.

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