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Wherever I'm going

– Mixed media painting.  Acrylic paint, ink, charcoal, gesso, oil bars and my personal photographs on canvas.   I want to share this with you so you may understand a little more about my work. When I was painting this work I thought often about how important it was for me to live in the present, in the now. When you are present in the now and focuse on loving or “love” then you are finding “home” regardless of where you go. I then found this quote somewhere  and I loved it instantly:  “Peace in my heart Peace in my soul Wherever I’m going  I’m already home.”

My painting is about love and freedom, breathing and letting go, embracing what is and living in the now so you can find love and your true self.  It is your time ….so you can fly away and chase all your dreams.

“She is an angel with a wild side;

patiently waiting to fall,

with the right soul.” ~j.iron word

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