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In Bloom

IN BLOOM celebrates renewal and life.  In Spring everything in nature  seems to be so fresh and to have more vivid and bright colours. This is what I see in the vegetation growing around my water pound at this time of the year.  Water surrounded by water lilies, herbs such as chocolate mint and a variety of types of grass and cattails are already showing signs of life!

The centre of this work is created with cashmere, bamboo, silk and various natural fibers.  I used the wet felting technique. The whole piece around the felted composition is  mixed media as I worked the surface with brushes, spatula, wood stick, spoon to create textures and shapes on the canvas that has been stretched on wood frame previously.  The effects are also created with layers of materials such as pieces of metal, thread, paper, molding medium, india ink, acrylic and oil paint and other materials.  The size of this wall piece is 20″x20 inches.

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